As the parent(s), guardian(s) or responsible party(ies)for the player listed above, I/we hereby acknowledge, understand and agree to be bound by the following:

1. Training Fees. Pay the appropriate training fees to Rage Futbol Club (“RAGE FC”) for the player listed above. Anyone who signs this form by hand or electronically is responsible for,and agrees to pay, the full amount to RAGE FC. This amount must be paid in full regardless of whether the player listed above plays the entire seasonal year with RAGE FC. This amount, or any portion thereof, will not be refunded by RAGE FC once it is paid. (See RAGE FC Fees and Bylaws which can be found at Below are coach training fees for current year.

Team Total
U8-9 $100
U10-11 $150
U12-18 $200
Premier U10-11 $250
Premier U12-18 $300

2. Payment options. Pay the amount from the list above selecting a payment options:

Option 1 [ ] 1 payment of total training fees for the year by no later than July 15th. (Check or Online)

Option 2 [ ] 2 equal payments, July 15th and September 15. (Online)

Option 3 [ ] 5 equal payments starting July 15th and ending November 15th. (Online)

Option 4 [ ] 10 equal payments starting July 15th and ending April 15th. (Online)

3. Service Charge. Pay a $2.00 service charge per payment under option 4.

4. Late Fee. Pay a $25.00 late fee for each payment that is made after the date it is due, unless the due date falls on a weekend or federal holiday, in which case the late fee would only be charged if the payment is not made by the next business day after the payment was due. No exceptions.

5. Default. Failure to make a payment timely will be considered a default of this agreement. Unless satisfactory arrangements are made with RAGE FC to cure the default within 15 days of the date the payment was due, RAGE FC has the right to demand immediate payment of the entire remaining unpaid balance (including any accrued service charges and late fees) and to charge the credit card or debit card listed below, and kept on file, in that amount. If that amount (entire remaining unpaid balance plus service charges plus late fees) is not paid in full within 30 days of when the defaulted payment was due, then the player listed above will be placed in bad standing with RAGE FC and the Utah Youth Soccer Association and may be removed from the team roster and rendered ineligible to play with his/her RAGE FC team. Also, if it becomes necessary for RAGE FC to take additional action to collect what is due and owing under this agreement, be responsible to also pay the reasonable costs of collection, which would include: a collection preparation fee of 35% of the amount due and owing; a collection fee not to exceed 50% of the original amount due under this agreement (if the amount is placed with an attorney or collection agency); and all court filing fees and other reasonable collection costs.

6. Payment Methods. Option 1 may be paid by check, but for all other payment options all amounts due under this agreement must be paid by either Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Direct Debit or by credit/debit card. If you elect to pay by EFT/Direct Debit, you MUST complete and submit the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (Direct Debit) AND you must also provide the credit/debit card information requested below and authorize RAGE FC to charge that card in the event a direct debit fails to clear your account.