Team & Spectator Seating at Games


Click the diagram to the left to see it full size. It shows the official Utah Youth Soccer Association team and spectator seating at games.

Teams must sit across opposite sides of the field on the right half of field sideline.

Spectators must sit on the same side of the field as their team but on left half of field sideline. In addition spectators are to be 20 yards from players bench and 3 feet from field so as not to interfere with players or assistant referees (AR’s).

Why does one team and their fans have to sit on on one side of the field?
In order for referees to best manage and keep teams and their fans Safe, distance and separation helps minimize passionate confrontations, therefore teams and their fans sit on one side of the field, and the opponent and their fans sit across on the other side of the field.

Why cant I sit next to my teams bench, next to my player?
Several reasons.
First, State and League rules allow only the Head Coach and Assistant Coach, registered with the league to sit with players.
Second, players should be getting coaching from their coaches only. Unfortunately some teams will occasionally sneak an experienced coach to help. That’s cheating.
Third, players need to be kept Safe from any spectators.

Why does the team sit on the right sideline and fans sit on the left sideline?
There are two assistant referees, AR’s as they are called, and their job is to walk up and down the sideline, only on one half of the field, to help the referee with out-of-bounds calls, off-sides and other infractions. These referees walk the sideline directly in front of the players bench and rarely ever cross in front of the fans half of the field. So both AR’s basically cover a half of the field, but on opposite sides. By walking in front of the players they can help monitor teams and coaches, this also keeps them a bit further from fans who sometimes taunt them. Also opposing teams sometimes have a coach walking up and down the opponents half of the field coaching their players, which is against league rules. Please remember some referees are young adults and their Safety, as well as all referees, is important.

At some tournaments the fans sit on the same sideline and players sit across. Why is that?
Different events have different fan and player seating and must be followed. Each of the teams fans must still sit on their half of the field and not mix in.

Why cant we sit behind the goal, it is always vacant and it is the best place to see any goals scored?
Several reasons, first it is a distraction to the keeper and players shooting at the goal having people behind or near the goal. Second, teams sometimes place a coach there who barks out coaching instructions and/or distracting comments to opponents trying to score. And finally, players are shooting at the goal, kicking the ball with great force, possibly injuring a fan or individual not paying attention.

So next time you go to a game, please respect the fan seating area and rules, and adhere to the teams coach request to do so because the coach is responsible that you do or he/she may receive a Red Card (an infraction that may result in a game suspension and possibly forfeiture of game) from the referee. Also, any fan or team not adhering to the proper seating may be asked to move to the proper place by the referee. And finally, inappropriate behavior, screaming, comments or gesture to referees, players or opposing teams is grounds fir being removed from game site. Our Bylaws have clear language on this.

Have fun, cheer your team, respect the referees and enjoy the great game of soccer. Most importantly, leys keep it Safe and Fun for the players.

Coach Paul


Sideline Rules

All parents, siblings, and spectators are encouraged to show good sportsmanship, abide by the Parental Agreement/Code of Conduct and refrain from negative behavior on the sidelines of all games.  Player’s and parents’ (“Member Families”) behavior reflects on the Club and affects children’s performance.  Further, Member Families understand that under the soccer league rules, our Coaches can be ejected from our games should Member Families behave improperly.  Member Families understand that unacceptable behavior by a Player’s parent or other family member or friend may be addressed by a referee or Club official asking the offending person to leave the game, the facility or by removing the player from the game.  Member Families acknowledge that when asked to refrain from further yelling at a game or if asked to leave a game or facility by a match official or Club official, Member Families will comply with that request immediately.
Member Families further acknowledge that if Player, Player’s parent or other family member verbally or physically abuses, taunts, inappropriately gestures, throws an object, makes an inappropriate sign or otherwise harasses, intimidates or improperly touches or engages any fan, player, match official, Club coach or representative, or opposing coach or club representative, that conduct in the sole discretion of the Club is grounds for restricting parents’ and other family members’  from;

a) observation of Player during games and practices and
b) participation with Player at Club and Team Activities while Player participates with the Club.

The Club may further refer inappropriate conduct to applicable league, tournament, UYSA, USSF, ECNL, UYSA or US Club disciplinary committees and/or law enforcement officials.