I understand the Club Season is from July 31st through August 1st of the following year, with a break after Thanksgiving through mid January.

I agree to the terms set by the club for payment of club fees, team fees, registration fees, uniforms, tournament fees and any other fees related to the club.

I will abide by the rules and Bylaws set by the Club, state, league and FIFA.

I understand “Double” rostering on another club is counter productive and embrace the club’s policy against it.

I recognize the dedication and commitment of the coach for the benefit of my child and will make sure my player attends all practices, games and events on time.

I understand soccer is a team sport and will support the team, coach and club 100%, regardless how much or how little my child plays and what the win loss record is.


I understand that at every practice, players are learning moral and ethical lessons, growth toward maturity, they are developing character and establishing stronger relationships with team mates, coaches and themselves, a key to soccer play.

I will encourage my child and teammates with positive statements, even when they make mistakes, understanding they are growing physically and emotionally.

I should show my child that our love for them does not depend on the outcome of game and will accept defeat graciously.

I should serve as a role model for our players, talking politely and acting courteously toward coaches, players, officials, other parents and visiting team & parents at games.

I should recognize, support and cheer the athletic and positive behavioral characteristic efforts of team members, coaches and opponents, refraining from boasting and shall act as a model of good sportsmanship.

I want my child to focus on aspects of their life and sport, of which they have control. I will avoid asking the coach “What does my child need to do to increase their playing time”, but instead ask the coach “What does my child need to focus on to improve.”

When problems arise, I will encourage my (age appropriate) child to present the problem to the coach, promoting self-advocacy. After meeting with the coach, if the issue requires more clarity, I will contact the Director of Coaching.

I take responsibility for my actions and understand that misconduct is likely to result in consequences from the club.

I understand I may refer to the Club’s website, ragefcutah.com, in regards to any questions pertaining to the Bylaws, Agreements or other pertinent information.

Because I am a parent with the power and platform to make a positive difference in the life of every player, I commit to this agreement & code of conduct.

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