The following items MUST be done. Please complete and check items at first team meeting then return list to Director of Coaching.

____ Advice that all information is available on club website, easily accessed via computer or smartphone, everything, including game schedules!

____ RAGE FC Registration online @

(Found on website Home page – TRYOUTS)

____ Parent & Player Agreement and Conduct read and reply emailed to

(Found on website Home page – FORMS)

____ Financial Agreement read and “AGREED” reply emailed to

____ Inform parents of Financial Scholarship availability.

(Forms found on website Home page – FORMS)

____ Discuss concussion in Sports.

(Concussion in sports information on website Home page – Coach’s Corner)

____ Please let parents know club is governed by Bylaws and they and all club related.

information such as, fees, coaches decisions, refunds, club philosophy, training, etc. can be found on website

____ Take a moment to share your experience and teaching methods.