Coach’s Code of Conduct

A coach remembers that each player is a student athlete and we are priviliged to teach-coach them.

A coach remembers their job is to put the players in a position where they can develop to their fullest potential.

A coach loves all his/her players.

A coach believes in every player.

A coach is nurturing, thoughtful  and considerate of each players unique personality or circumstance.

A coach is mindful and never shames a player, but corrects and teaches them constructively in an uplifting way. Positive Affirmation!

A coach remebers each player is part of our family, deserving every chance to succeed with the utmost respect.

A coach remembers that parents are our partners, together we strive to work in unity for the success of the child. Every player is a child to a mother and father.

A coach never uses profanity, screams offensively, uses sarcasm or rude gestures.

A coach knows and understands the difference between shaming and

A coach is not afraid to apologize! Everyone can make mistake. When a mistake is made privately, apologize in private. When a mistake is made publicly, apolgize in public.

A coach protects his/her players.

A coach is intuitive and should understand that kids are often getting attacked from many places that we often dont see and are not aware of.

A coach should be courages enough to build up a player, not tear them down.

A coach holds themselve accountable as teachers of young children and the lessons they need, helping the player navigate through their personal gender challenges and life in general.

A coach treats all opposing coaches and their teams with respect, honor and admiration, reciprocity deserving of true competitors.

A coach respects all referees, understanding they are doing their best and may at times be imperfect.

A coach obeys and instructs players to play within the Laws of the Game.

A coach obeys and instructs players, parents and spectators to observe league, tournament and FIFA rules and Bylaws.